Images of the

South Hams area

If you are interested in acquiring a picture, email me via the contact page.. Let me know what you require. I will contact you regarding cost and how long despatch will take, as this varies seasonally. If you want to save on postage for larger pictures, and eliminate the joys of couriers, you want to purchase a picture from an exhibition venue. Please contact me for details of where and when my work will be on display..

Vytal Background

Like many in Salcombe, I am a dog lover. If you see the red Doberman pictured here, I am likely to be nearby. What is it they say about Dobes being the Velcro dog?

Feel free to chat to me if our paths cross. Sassy is friendly.

On my first visit tot Salcombe, I was overwhelmed by a feeling I had found heaven on earth. Walking down a tree lined road on a hot summer's day, I caught sight of a shimmering turquoise sea. Rising from it was a beach of golden sand. The more I explored the place, the more I came to appreciate its magical quality. I strive to capture some of the awe inspiring beauty of the South Hams area.